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About Loqui Wellness Center

Loqui Wellness Center is where profound transformation meets authentic connection. Our boutique psychotherapy practice is dedicated to helping individuals grow and achieve their goals through evidenced-based therapies and the power of authenticity. Our therapists are not only highly trained but also deeply committed to being our warm, compassionate selves in session, as a catalyst for motivation and connection as you begin your wellness journey.


Experience transformative therapy services tailored to your unique needs. Achieve personal growth and well-being with our compassionate team.

Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy, a trained therapist helps you tackle life’s challenges and improve your mental health through personalized sessions.


We help couples improve their relationships by solving problems and building closeness with specialized therapy methods.


Group therapy is a guided space where people with similar challenges share experiences and support each other for emotional growth and problem-solving.


Therapy consulting offers expert advice to optimize mental health treatments, ensuring that therapists and clients alike can benefit from the most effective approaches.


EMDR is a well-researched and highly effective therapy technique designed to help individuals in addressing trauma and alleviating symptoms associated with PTSD

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