Shannon Spethman, LMFT


I believe therapy is a tool to explore ourselves and heal emotional wounds. I strive to create a safe, collaborative space, so clients feel comfortable exploring different areas of their lives and any emotions that arise. 

Shannon believes our relationships and experiences throughout life shape the way we are. She believes therapy is a great way to reflect, process, and grow into the versions of ourselves for which we strive. She loves creating safe spaces for clients to explore tough moments and be able to identify and regulate emotions coming up for them. 

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Shannon is passionate about working with individuals and couples struggling to navigate through relational issues, whether romantic, familial, friendships, or parenting. In working with couples, Shannon specializes in working with those who are feeling stuck or disconnected in their relationship, and those who are struggling to resolve conflict. She has extensive experience incorporating spiritual integration, especially with Christian couples and individuals. 

Shannon also has experience working with individuals who are struggling through life transitions; communication and conflict resolution; anxiety; depression; career changes; burnout; and struggling to identify, process, and communicate emotions.

When you are in a session with Shannon, she creates a compassionate client-centered space. She has a direct and interactive approach that focuses on your goals while prioritizing tools to help continue work outside of sessions and diving into deeper emotions within sessions. She draws heavily from attachment theory and the work of Susan Johnson’s emotion-focused therapy. Shannon finds the most impactful moments in therapy are when we sit in the emotions. Emotions are the driving force in our lives and can be overwhelming or difficult to sit with. She finds when we invite emotions in and learn how to regulate them it can spark healing.


Shannon’s specializes in working with couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties related to their relationships, as well as those dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, and adults working through childhood trauma.


Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy, a trained therapist helps you tackle life’s challenges and improve your mental health through personalized sessions.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, a skilled therapist assists you and your partner in addressing the challenges in your relationship and enhancing your emotional well-being through tailored sessions designed for both of you.

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