Anjali Khanna, LPC


I help my clients find compassion and understanding for their earlier selves; to
help them see their power rather than their pathology.

Over the past 5 years, Anjali has gained experience working across higher levels of care and is excited to bring this experience to individual clients. Anjali has worked with a diverse client population, specializing in substance use disorders, eating disorders, and complex and intergenerational trauma. Anjali has a particular interest in working with young adults and welcomes those looking to transition out of higher levels of care.

In sessions, Anjali is curious and practices most authentically from a systemic and feminist-based perspective. She enjoys helping her clients contextualize their present experience in the larger picture of the world. To do this, she focuses on building the therapeutic relationship in identity exploration early on.

Anjali is of Indian heritage, she is the child of immigrants and grew up overseas in Abu Dhabi as a third culture kid. Anjali is proud to have been the first in her family to seek out therapy. Despite the initial discomfort and alienation, she has witnessed that motivation for healing spread across her family. In honor of this, Anjali works with her clients to uncover their presenting concerns and to be an active partner with her clients in creating a healing path forward. She works to help her clients find compassion for their earlier selves; to help them see their power rather than their pathology. She believes this is a necessary first step in moving towards healing.


Anjali Khanna, LPC, brings her extensive experience to support individuals and couples facing relationship challenges, while also focusing on issues like anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and complex intergenerational trauma.


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