Lisa Kernaghan, LCSW


I have a heart for helping others utilize their strengths to build the skills necessary for a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Lisa (she/her) believes that as individuals, we are designed to connect to others and share in our experiences. Her passion lies in walking alongside her clients’ journeys of growth and healing, while fostering a safe space to be their most authentic selves. 

Lisa loves working with individuals who are navigating a variety of life’s challenges, such as anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, and identity formation. She also specializes in providing mental health counseling to neurodivergent adolescents and adults (ASD, ADHD, 2E), struggling with emotional and sensory regulation, executive functioning, and social skills. 

Lisa’s practice largely utilizes CBT, a strength-based approach, to help her clients make connections between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Lisa emphasizes empowering her clients to be the experts in their experience and uses empathy to meet clients where they are at emotionally. She also coaches individuals through the use of coping skills and problem solving skills. Her 7 years of experience working in a variety of settings, including schools and community outreach organizations, has shaped her practice to be culturally responsive and trauma-informed. Lisa takes pride in offering an unbiased and supportive approach in sessions.


Lisa specializes in behavioral interventions and counseling for children and adolescents with conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and PTSD. Her practice is characterized by a strength-based, trauma-focused approach, primarily utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and she has a keen interest in parenting skills and supporting adolescents struggling with anxiety and trauma.


Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy, a trained therapist helps you tackle life’s challenges and improve your mental health through personalized sessions.


CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a widely studied and highly effective therapeutic approach focused on changing negative thought patterns and behaviors. It is commonly used to treat a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders.

Elevated wellbeing with authentic healing

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