Leslie Frondorf, MEd, LCPC


I passionately believe in the power of the therapeutic bond between client and therapist, as it serves as a cornerstone for meaningful progress.  I strive to use a personalized approach to help each client find peace and contentment. I truly love what I do and hope to bring that to each session! 


With over a decade of clinical experience, Leslie emphasizes the importance of psychoeducation, coping strategies, and mindfulness. She also brings her inherent authenticity, trust, directness, and a little bit of humor to foster a secure and welcoming environment to each and every client.

Therapy is a challenging, yet warm process that entails self-reflection and honest conversation. Leslie is not a traditional “sit back” type of therapist and will walk alongside her clients and their pain. What may have served us in the past may no longer serve our best interests today. She works best with those who want to dig into their life experiences and find freedom with insight and connection. She follows a “name it, claim it, tame it” approach!

With a rich background in a variety of addiction treatment settings, Leslie has contributed her expertise to not only serve individuals, but also their loved ones contending with substance use disorder and process addictions (sex addiction, gambling, etc). Her extensive experience also includes the role of supervisor and mentor, guiding fellow therapists on their professional paths.


Leslie specializes in adults, women, and partners struggling with a range of issues including mood disorders, women’s issues, addiction, codependence, and trauma. Utilizing Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT, EMDR, and Experiential therapy, she provides flexible scheduling options from Tuesday to Saturday, during both daytime and evenings, with sessions available in-person or virtually.

Accepts BCBS PPO, United Healthcare Optum, Aetna. Individual Therapy 55 min: $175. Couples’ Therapy 55 min: $200

Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy, a trained therapist helps you tackle life’s challenges and improve your mental health through personalized sessions.

Experiential Therapy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a thousand pictures. Experiential therapy encourages clients to acknowledge, address, and process issues through immersive exercises, ranging from role-playing, guided imagery, using props, and various other body-based and creative expressions.


EMDR is a specialized therapy approach designed to help you heal from traumatic experiences by reprocessing distressing memories.

Elevated wellbeing with authentic healing

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